In Review: The Orville (S3 – EP6) Twice in a Lifetime

When a Time Travel device goes wrong. Gordon is thrown back in time to the 21st century
Twice in A Lifetime

Synopsis: In Twice in A Lifetime. When a Time Travel device goes wrong. Gordon is thrown back in time to the 21st century forcing the crew of the Orville to travel back in order to save him.


The Story

When Lt Lamar upgrades the Aronov device to enable time travel. The crew of The Orville is ordered by the Fleet Commander to transport it to a research station for fear that it will fall into Kaylon hands. However, as they arrive at the station accompanied by a Union convoy they find that it has been destroyed. Admiral Ozaha the Orville and the rest of the Earth ships find themselves overwhelmed and must make a hasty retreat. However, as they proceed to do so. The Orville is caught in a Kayon tractor beam. In order to make sure the new time travel device does not fall into Kaylon hands. Gordon runs down to the lab in order to destroy it. But as he prepares to fire his weapon at the device. The Time device is triggered by a power surge, which happens just as Orville manages to pull free of the Kaylon’s. This results in Gordon being thrown back in time to 2015.

When the crew realizes what has happened. Captain Mercer orders the crew to time travel to rescue Gordon. But a malfunction caused them to overshoot the mark by about ten years. So they arrive in 2025 instead of in 2015. However, the time jump has taken it out on Orville’s technology and a separate mission with Ensign Burke and Isaac has to happen. So they can obtain a mineral called Dysonium that will help them get the ship back up and running again. So while Mercer and Kelly go after Gordon. Isaac and Charly search for the Dysonium they need.

As Ed and Kelly catch up with Gordon they find that he has violated standing orders and created a life for himself. They try to persuade him to come with them. But Gordon is having none of it. As he wishes to stay with his wife and child. However, knowing that Isaac and Charly’s mission has succeeded. Ed and Kelly decide to put Orville through another time jump to pick Gordon up from 2015.


The Acting

This episode is another sequel of sorts as it features the character of Laura Huggins from the season 2 episode ‘Lasting Impressions’. However, in this episode, she becomes Gordon’s wife as he takes on a life in the 21st century and works as a pilot. Once again Laura is played by Leighton Meester who does a great job with what she is given. The scene where she is telling Ed and Kelly how she and Gordon met is lots of fun, but kind of bittersweet when you know ahead of time that Ed and Kelly are there to split them up. Scott Grimes puts in a wonderful performance as Gordon, who you find yourself truly sympathizing with given what he has been through. As well as knowing what he stands to lose. Gordon is understandably angry when Ed tries to order him to come with them. And Grimes does a great job of portraying that anger, which is also tinged with some disappointment.

We also get a fun performance from both Mark Jackson and Anne Winters as Isaac tries to make small talk with Charly while they go looking for this mineral that the Orville needs in order to get back to its own time. All Isaac wants to do is thank Charly for saving his life, but Charly is still sour over the fact that Isaac’s involuntary part in the Kaylon battle with Earth resulted in the death of her best friend. These two characters are fun together despite the tension. The scene where Charly and an awkward-looking Isaac, who is disguised as a human go into the biker bar is loads of fun.





While Twice in A Lifetime isn’t quite as good as last week’s story. It continues to illustrate what The Orville continues to do better than Star Trek in regards to good solid character stories with a moral dilemma to solve. We had some great acting performances from all the cast and the brief battle between The Kaylon’s and The Orville was fantastic to watch.

Overall. A solid episode with some nice character moments.

The Orville (S3 - EP6) Twice in a Lifetime
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