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After the crew saves a stranded ship and its attractive Captain, Ed becomes infatuated with the new guest, while Kelly suspects all is not as it appears.

Synopsis: After the crew saves a stranded ship and its attractive Captain, Ed becomes infatuated with the new guest, while Kelly suspects all is not as it appears. Meanwhile, Gordon attempts to teach Issac the art of pulling off a practical joke.

Review: This episode boasts another big guest star in the form of Charlize Theron who plays the role of Captain Pria Lavesque. But unfortunately, the big name guest star is not enough to save what is a story that would have been so much better had it not been slowed down with a few too many comedy beats. The opening of the episode where the crew is enjoying a vintage episode of Seinfeld works pretty well. As does Gordon and friends trying to explain the concept of humor to Issac, but it gets to a point of being of being mute when it slows down the plot. 

The romance between Ed and Pria becomes obvious, but you’d expect that from the mere fact that we have Theron guest starring in the kind of role she has become renowned for. The Femme Fatale. To that end, it works and it is strange how it is only Kelly and Alara that see it coming.

The plot borrows from several ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ episodes. In fact, Gordon trying to teach Issac about humor and practical jokes put me in mind of the episode where Guinan with some help from the Holodeck tries to teach Data a similar concept.

Unfortunately, this episode would have failed to impress irrespective of the stunt casting. Theron was a game and put in a solid performance, but there wasn’t really enough there for me to care. I actually looked at my watch on a number of occasions, which is never a good sign.

Generally, the acting performances were fine, but the story felt weak and was undermined by to much hijinks. Episodes two and three were in my book the shows strongest offerings thus far and should really be the benchmark for the first season.

As far as the incidental music goes. It still feels a little too much on the nose in that it sounds very similar to a lot of the incidental stuff we’d hear in episodes of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ with a few elements taken from Star Trek movies. In the sequence where Alara and Kelly search Pria’s quarters the music played put me very much in mind of a softened down version of the Klingon music from the Star Trek movies.

In terms of CGI. It remains consistent. I just wish the storylines will follow suit soon and we come to a nice balance of drama and humor.

The Orville - Pria
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