In Review: The Orville: New Horizons (S3 – E1) Electric Sheep

The crew deals with the aftermath of the Kaylon battle.
Electric Sheep

Synopsis: In Electric Sheep The crew deals with the aftermath of the Kaylon battle. In particular, the hatred that seems to be pointed at Isaac.


The Story

Picking up from some of the loose ends leftovers from season 2s Identity Two Parter. This episode focuses on the hatred and prejudice that some of Orville’s crewmembers feel toward their Kaylon shipmate Isaac. The story opens up with young Marcus Finn having nightmares about being in the midst of the Kayon Battle with The Orville. Back in the present Isaac is sent on a break by LaMarr and finds himself sitting across from new shipmate Ensign Charly Burke. She confronts Isaac about all of the deaths that he and his people were responsible for during the height of the Kaylon Earth conflict.  Burke is pretty blunt when she says that it’s a pity Isaac cannot feel because he would deserve to feel all the anger and hate that is pointed at him. 

Things escalate when some graffiti is found written over Isaac’s science lab. An investigation is started and logically Burke is one of the first people that Captain Mercer speaks with.


The Acting

We get a solid performance from newcomer Anne Winters who plays Burke. Her establishing scene with Isaac (Mark Jackson) was really strong and did a great job of setting up the episode’s story. She also has strong scenes with Seth MacFarlane. But it is her scene towards the end with Marcus (BJ Tanner) that pretty much solidifies her as a new series regular.



Electric Sheep, which is a fun reference to the classic Philip K. Dick novel ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ does a great job of further exploring Isaac’s place in the crew. Given that Isaac is the only Kaylon and none humanoid member of the crew. His storyline has pretty much always been a wealthy source of plotlines asking the question of if Isaac can feel. Overall the story succeeds in what it sets out to do. Which is to reintegrate Isaac back into the crew.

My one concern is that I felt the episode was a little long at 70 minutes to tell such a simple story. Especially given that TNG, which this series kind of pays homage to could have told a story equally as nuanced in a normal 40-minute time scale.

The Orville: New Horizons (S3 - E1) Electric Sheep
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