In Review: The Orville – Krill

Captain Mercer and Gordon have to infiltrate a Krill ship

Synopsis: After the Orville crew defeats a Krill attack on a brand-new colony, the Union sends Ed and Gordon on a dangerous undercover mission to infiltrate a Krill ship and obtain a copy of the Krill bible, the “Ankana,” to better understand the enemy.

Review: This weeks episode was a comedy-heavy story, which involves Ed and Gordon having to try, but fail to pass themselves off as Krill. Thankfully the writers had Mercy on Ed and Gordon by turning them into the ultimate Mary Sue’s because pretty much everything that comes out of Gordon and Ed’s mouth is a give away that they are not Krill no matter how good the illusion. Which makes the Krill easy for the Union to defeat by default because they are completely stupid.

The most fun gag in the whole show involves Bortus eating pretty much everything he is asked to. Which is likely to offer no end of amusement in weeks to come should the writers make a note to have him eat his way out of a prison cell or some other situation.

Credit where credit is due though. The story serves its purpose in that it gives us some insight into the Jem Hadar wanna be’s. But insofar as comedy, the award should go to the actors that were playing the actual Krill characters for being able to keep a straight face and act all stoic throughout. Even though I didn’t personally find many of the gags funny and generally thought the whole situation was dumb. I’d have likely struggled to keep a straight face had I been one of the actors.

Unfortunately, this episode stretched my capability for appreciating the obscured a little too far.

I think this series needs to find the right balance between comedy and light drama and try and stick with it. This episode did not succeed in that regard because it seemed to go for all-out comedy with many of the gags falling flat.

The dynamic of Gordon and Ed working together might have worked a little better and been a little funnier had Ed’s character committed more to trying to be Krill as opposed to not even trying.

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