In Review: The Orville – Identity, Part 2

The Kaylons take control of the Orville with the intention of destroying all biological lifeforms.

Synopsis: The Kaylons take control of the Orville with the intention of destroying all biological lifeforms.

Review: The story concludes with a few unexpected twists.

The Story

Picking things up from last week. The Kaylon aided by Isaac has taken over The Orville and are leading their fleet toward earth with the mission to destroy all life forms. But to do so they need some assistance by the human crewmembers in order to get the Earth to lower their defenses.

With Isaac being out of the picture. It is left to Ed and his team, who are being held captive in the shuttle bay to formulate some sort of plan to get help from any nearby Alien races, which means that they will have to go to Earths enemies The Krill.

The Acting

Once again Mark Jackson knocks it out of the park as Isaac, who is torn between his fellow Kaylon’s and his friends on The Orville. It is only really when Dr. Finn’s youngest boy Ty is threatened by Isaac makes his final decision about who his real friends are. But up until that point you are never quite sure if Isaac is going to come to his senses.

Credit should also go to Kai Wener who puts in a very mature performance for such a young actor.


This was a solid conclusion to what was a really exciting story, which discussed a number of issues such as slavery and servitude with the Kaylon’s. A point, which the lead Kaylon attempts to illustrate by having Isaac download a copy of Roots by Alex Hayley.

Beyond the topic of discussion. The episode also provided some impressive space battles as the Earths forces who are joined by The Krill put up a defense against the Kaylon Fleet, which seems to be damn near impossible to defend against unless your pilot is aiming for the right spot on their ships.

The episode builds well on this shows mythology and provides a window for there to be possible peace talks between The Krill and the Union, which means that there will likely be another villainous alien race for The Union to take on in future weeks. Unless of course the Kaylon’s regroup and try another attack.

The Orville - Identity, Part 2
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