In Review: The Orville – Identity, Part 1

When Isaac shuts down, the crew head to his home planet to fix him, and uncover a shocking secret that was better off hidden.

Synopsis: When Isaac shuts down, the crew head to his home planet to fix him, and uncover a shocking secret that was better off hidden.

Review: The crew visit Isaac’s homeworld and learn a bit more than they bargained for about his race.

The Story

While Dr. Flynn and Issac are announcing their relationship to her children. Isaac suddenly breaks down and no one can figure out how to fix him.

Given that they cannot figure out what is wrong with their friend. Ed contacts Fleet Command to get instructions on how to go about contacting Isaac’s home planet, which has been isolationist to all offers to join the Union. Ed thinks that the Orville will be an exception given that Isaac was sent to study other beings as part of his mission while serving on The Orville.

Ed and the crew visit Kaylon and get landing permission from Isaac’s people along with instructions to bring Issac to them. When Ed, Flynn, and Kelly arrive they are told by one of Isaac’s people that Isaac had been shut down because his mission to study organic beings had ended. Dr. Flynn is not happy about this given that she has become romantically involved with Isaac.

As the episode evolves we learn that Isaac’s people did not have the best of intentions with Isaac’s study. Which leads very quickly to Isaac and his people commandeering the Orville and her crew to lead a large group of ships back to Earth with the intention of taking over the planet.

The Acting

Penny Johnson Jerald puts in a highly emotive performance as a somewhat heartbroken and betrayed Dr. Flynn while  Mark Jackson is excellently cold and calculating as the rebooted Isaac who seems all too willing to go along with his peoples plan in spite of all his interactions with Flynn and her two boys.


This for me has to be the best episode of the season by far. The surprise twist at the end was genuinely shocking. Especially given that Isaac had very much become very accepted as a member of The Orville crew.

I look forward to seeing how it plays out next week. Will Isaac decide that the human race is worth saving or will he go along with his peoples plans for Earth? I look forward to finding out.

The Orville - Identity, Part 1
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