In Review: The Orville: Heroes Part 2 of 2

A storybook hero appears surprisingly real when she arrives to liberate the peaceful Okudum from their Nazh overlords.
The Orville

Synopsis: In part 2 of The Orville: Heroes. A storybook hero appears surprisingly real when she arrives to liberate the peaceful Okudum from their Nazh overlords. But heroism requires sacrifice, and the price of freedom may prove costly indeed—for the people of this world and the crew of the Orville.


The Story

In the last issue. Talla with some help from Dr. Finn and Lt Commander LaMar donned the identity of Xandia the folk hero of Okudum. While the deception proved enough to scare off the Nazh foot soldiers. It proves harder to frighten the leader of the Nazh landing party, who is a lot smarter than Talla was counting on. Likewise, the fact that the Nazh leader refuses to leave the planet puts Talla between a rock and a hard place.


The Artwork

The art team does a great job of maintaining the likenesses of the key characters as well as providing some dramatic scenes. The look and the feel of the art is very much in keeping with the visual style of the TV series. We get some great action when the person that Talla is trying to help adopts the identity of Xandia and swoops in at the last minute to save Talla from certain death. The panels where the new Xandia kills and decapitates the Nazh leader is nicely handled and done well. It doesn’t feel gratuitous.



David A. Goodman finishes off his story in a satisfying, but sad way. While it is satisfying to see the planet liberated and freed from the Nazh. It was sad that one character had to lose so much including their innocence in order to take over the job of saving her planet from Talla.

As said in our last review. This story wears its inspirations on its sleeve. It is obviously inspired by the TNG episode ‘Who Watches The Watchers’ and ‘Zorro’The end result is a story that fits very well within the universe of The Orville.

The Orville: Heroes Part 2 of 2
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