In Review: The Orville – Deflectors

Kelly breaks up with Cassius, while the Orville has its deflectors upgraded by a Moclan engineer who used to be Bortus' boyfriend.

Synopsis: Kelly breaks up with Cassius, while the Orville has its deflectors upgraded by a Moclan engineer who used to be Bortus’ boyfriend.

Review: Once again we get a story on Moclan culture, which feels very much like ‘Star Trek’ of old. Back in the days when it used clever allegories.

The Story

When Bortus’s ex-boyfriend comes onboard The Orville to upgrade their deflectors he falls for The Orville’s new security officer, which causes no end of hassle when he fakes his own death in order to avoid confronting Klyden and Bortus’s conservative viewpoint about the taboo subject of Moclan males being attracted to other genders. Which makes a weird kind of sense for an all-male society.

The Acting

Kevin Daniels puts in a blinding performance as Bortus’s ex-boyfriend Locar and the scenes he plays with Jessica Szohr when he opens up to Talla about his feelings are dealt with really well.

I also have to give kudos to both Peter Macon and Chad L. Coleman as Bortus and Klyden. They did a great job of portraying the Moclan point of view. And the scene where Talla brings up the past history regarding Bortus and Klyden’s son who was originally female really did much to hit home.


My initial knee jerk reaction to how this episode started had me thinking, “Oh no. not another soap style episode”, but once the true story was revealed I found myself fully pulled in and having a degree of sympathy for both Locar as well as Bortus, Klyden and the Moclan point of view.

Locar most of all though given that he was really in a catch 22 situation where he is damned if he does or damned if he didn’t reveal his true self.

Overall, this was a wonderful episode which highlights the kinds of stories that good science fiction can tell.

What was also good about the episode is that it wasn’t forcing one point of view down peoples throats. It told a nuanced story with a subject left open for discussion. This is the sort of none polarising science fiction that is needed so that we can keep discussions fluid and active about a great many subjects.

The Orville - Deflectors
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