In Review: The Orville – Blood of Patriots

Ed must initiate peace talks with the Krill.

Synopsis: Ed must initiate peace talks with the Krill.

Review: The Orville crew welcomes a Krill delegation to the ship.

The Story

Ed is assigned to diplomatic duty in order to secure a provisional peace treaty with the Krill, but things get complicated when the crew rescues a Prisoner of War, who the Krill wants back.

The POW is a former Union Pilot and a good friend of Gordon’s.

The Acting

Scott Grimes puts in a wonderful performance as Gordon who walks into something of an ethical dilemma when he learns that his friend is potentially guilty of the crimes that the Krill are accusing him of.

We also get a good performance from the actor that plays Gordon’s friend who unfortunately is not listed with a credit for the episode on IMDB so have no idea who he is.

Jessica Szohr once again shines as Lt. Talla Keyali and has a wonderfully funny scene where she takes the Krill delegation through all manner of delaying tactics in order for Ed to be able to get the rescued prisoners out of the way. The mischievous smile that Keyali has on her face when she asks the Krill to provide urine samples is priceless.


A fairly average episode after last weeks dramatic conclusion to the 2 part Kylan story arc.

Some nice comedic moments and a strong performance from Scott Grimes as a rather mixed up Gordon help keep the episode on track. The politics of the Union negotiating with the Krill was interesting and the fact that the Union was willing to offer Extradition in order to retain Krill cooperation during the peace process amped up the drama and gave their former prisoner’s even more reason to attempt a suicide mission.

The twist involving the female POW was fun and fairly clever.

The Orville - Blood of Patriots
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