In Review: The Orville – A Happy Refrain

Claire's personal life takes an unexpected turn; Gordon makes an unusual grooming suggestion to Bortus.

Synopsis: Claire’s personal life takes an unexpected turn; Gordon makes an unusual grooming suggestion to Bortus.

Review: In a departure from the adventure format we have seen in recent weeks. This week we get what would have been referred to as a bottle show. In that, it all takes place on the ship.

The Story

This week focuses on life on board The Orville and the life of Dr. Finn and her romantic leanings toward the ships only artificial life form Issac.

After confessing her feelings to Kelly with regards to Issac. Claire pursues a relationship with him and runs into a number of problems, which include Issac’s propensity for learning as much about dating and Claire as he is able too, which means pretty much everything.

Things get interesting and quite cute as the episode moves forward.

In a lesser important storyline. Bortus grows a mustache, which makes him look like an alien version of Magnum P.I. All that was missing was the Hawaiian Shirt.

The Acting

Penny Johnson Jerald and Mark Jackson put in a fantastic performance as Claire and Issac and the various problems that the two have along the way are comical. I was amazed at how the actors kept a straight face and managed to totally sell the idea.

Also good this week was the newcomer Jessica Szohr who seems to have fitted in with the crew really quickly and has really nice chemistry with Adrianne Palicki. The scene in which Claire is telling Kelly and Talla about the disastrous first date was really well played.


While this type of episode isn’t really my cup of tea. It did admittedly have a few really cute moments and you generally felt a degree of empathy for Claire when Issac breaks up with her.

Hopefully, now that Issac and Claire are finally together. We will start to see a few of the more adventure style episodes in the weeks ahead.

The Orville - A Happy Refrain
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