In Review: The Orville #1: Digressions

'Digressions' is a prequel to the season 2 finale. Which looks at what happened when Alternate Kelly was sent back to her own timeline.

Synopsis: ‘Digressions’ is a prequel to the season 2 finale. Follow Ed, Kelly, and the would-have-been crew of The Orville as they navigate separate lives in an alternate timeline. Which is on a collision course with the galaxy-ending Kaylon!


The Story

The story begins with a brief recap of the season two finale. In short, The Orville crew in the normal timeline have sent Kelly back to her own time and wiped her memory. However, the memory wipe does not work, which means that Kelly makes a different choice and doesn’t go on a second date with Ed Mercer. Being turned down for a second date causes Ed to be less focused on his career. So he jumps on the first ship that will take him.

Five years pass. And Ed is serving as a Lieutenant Commander on another ship and is promoted to the first officer by a Captain that doesn’t even like him. Added to that. Gordon who is Ed’s best friend is working a desk job. While Ed’s ship The Orville is being captained by another Captain. While Kelly is the first officer on another ship and still has all her memories of the other timeline. When Isaac malfunctions and passes out on The Orville. Kelly hears about it and fears that history is about to repeat itself.


The Artwork

David Cabeza does a fine job of the artwork and manages to get the character likenesses down to a point where they look like the actors who play them. I particularly liked the attention he paid to make the interiors of the three different ships look a little different, but retain some of the uniform aspects of the union. The ship that Ed is serving on for example is a much smaller vessel to The Orville.



This is a strong start. I loved the recap of the end of season two and how it transitions and jumps five years into the future. ‘Digressions’ is written by David A. Goodman who is an executive producer and writer on the series. Seeing what happened in Kelly’s timeline when she was returned is likely something they could have done in the series. Which hopefully is still returning. But seeing Kelly’s timeline and the main characters on The Orville having taken a different path makes for a fun read.

Overall. A great start.

The Orville #1: Digressions
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