In Review: The Order 1886 (PS4) Game

London 1886: A city transformed by science and industry, but living in fear of an ancient inhuman foe.

Synopsis: London 1886: A city transformed by science and industry, but living in fear of an ancient inhuman foe. As Galahad, a member of an elite order of Royal Knights, join the battle to preserve the future of mankind. Armed with advanced weapons and technology, turn the tide in a centuries-old war that will determine the course of history forever…

Review: The Order 1886 is a game that I have been looking forward to since I first got my Playstation 4 over a year ago.

As those close to me will know I am a sucker for a good action story, but a story set within a steampunk universe and I am also a big fan of mythology regardless of whether it be new spins on Greek Mythology or on Arthurian Legends. The Order is kind of the latter in that most of the prominent knights in the game are from King Arthur’s court.

I only got the game on Friday. So this review is really only based on how far have gotten into the game, which is probably about two maybe two and a half hours of solid game play.  So I probably have quite a way to go before completing the game.

The story within the game is pretty compelling and fun, but does use a fair few cliches and such as starting the story with your character being imprisoned and brutally tortured only to have the rest of the narrative and game-play told in one giant almighty flashback.

I personally don’t mind this sort of story-telling device within a game that has a heavy narrative structure. It allows you time to get your bearings and get to grips with the controls and learn how to move your character around.

Thus far throughout my time playing The Order 1886 I’ve encountered several werewolves and navigated around Bedlam and the streets and rooftops of Victorian London. Which in and of itself is a great deal of fun, but the werewolves are not a push over to kill. You literally have to seriously maim them first before you can get in close enough to finish them with your silver blade. To do that on the harder setting of the game can be pretty frustrating, but its worthwhile once you get the job done.

Graphically the game looks amazing and is beautiful to look at, but some gamers might get a little fed up of the various cut scenes scattered throughout the game. I personally do not mind cut scenes if the story is engaging, but if you have to go through them more than once due to being stuck at that particular point of the game it can get tedious.

GalahadOne particularly frustrating niggle I had with the game was in the stealth parts of it. There are a few levels in the game where you are required to sneak around and take enemy guards out without being spotted. Which is easier said than done in most circumstances, but in this game it is made far more difficult due to the AI being a tad loaded more in favor of the game than player. There a few times where I stealthily got real close to a guard and pushed the triangle button to commit to the take down only to have the guard suddenly turn round and shoot me at close range. When given how close I was the knife should have pierced him before he’d even had chance to pull the trigger.  It’s amazingly tricky, and at one point I was wishing that the game had to imagination to allow me to just throw the bloody knife at the guard as apposed to having to sneak in so close in order to commit to the kill. It would have been nice if a few other options were offered up for attacking opponents when it stealth. All you have at present is the triangle.

Story wise I like where it is going so far. I mean the whole conspiracy plot thread is very old hat, but at the same time I am interested enough to continue playing to see where it takes me.

It’s certainly not the best game from a game play point of view but its not a bad game either. The graphics are superb and weapons in the game are a lot of fun, but some of the game playing elements are a bit frustrating and a tad by the numbers.

It was nice touch having Nikola Tesla be the mind behind the weapons used by the Knights in the game. Much fun was had exploring his lab at the start of the game, but the pay off of only really getting an electromagnetic tool for taking down electrical components and a glorified sniper rifle was a tad disappointing as the pay off. I wanted a time machine.

To conclude ‘The Order 1886’ is a fun game for those that enjoy a story set within the steampunk genre and want to see a truly magnificent rendering of Victorian London, but in terms of game-play it isn’t really offering anything new for the hardened seasoned gamer.

The Order 1886 (PS4) Game
  • Fantastic Graphics & Fun Story
  • Gameplay In Stealth Mode A Tad frustrating
  • Gameplay
  • Story
  • Graphics
  • Voice Acting

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