In Review: The Nevers (S1 – Ep6) True

After Amalia’s (Laura Donnelly) origin story is revealed, a long-awaited reunion crystallizes the Orphans’ mission.

Synopsis: In ‘True’. After Amalia’s (Laura Donnelly) origin story is revealed, a long-awaited reunion crystallizes the Orphans’ mission.


The Story

Having seen a bit of Maladies backstory in last week’s show. We see Amalia’s origins, which begin in the far future during a war. In this war there seem to be a few factions. One consisting of the Touched. Another, which seems to be looking to kill the Galanthi, which is a strange-looking creature that releases spores, which when they interact with certain humans. Enhance them. In the future segment. We see Amalia as a much older woman and she is a soldier and the last survivor of some Scottish regiment. Once we have seen this future segment we get transported to the point where Amalia Trues’s life in Victorian England begins.

It starts with her working in a posh Tea Shop. She’s just married the local butcher who is looking after his sick mother. Only he is afflicted with the same condition that his mother has and he dies quite suddenly. Out of a mix of despair and desperation, Amalia attempts suicide and suddenly finds herself in an asylum where she meets Sarah who happens to be Maladie. It’s not long before Amalia realizes that the Galanthi has done its thing in Victorian London. As the Touched begin to roll into the asylum. Amalia begins to recognize that she has a purpose to look out for them.


The Acting

Laura Donnelly features very prominently throughout this episode as it is obviously very much about Amalia’s journey. Also, it is quite the journey as we learn that she is from the future and has had her consciousness downloaded into a new body. The scene where we see Amalia being examined by Dr. Horatio Cousens is rather interesting in that he isn’t the least bit fazed by Amalia’s claims of being from the future.

I loved the scene where Dr. Cousins learns that he is touched. The surprised look on Zackary Momoh’s face was priceless. I loved the sensitivity that Amalia shows to him as she teaches him how to use his gift. It is quite a contrast to the angrier version of Amalia that first enters the asylum and punches the nurse out.



This was a fantastic episode, which begins in a quite jarring way. But it doesn’t take too long to figure out what is going on. But as with most shows of this type. There is going to be a lot more to come, which we’ll see in the second half of the series. As to when we’ll see that is anyone’s guess. But my guess is. This shows future is very much going to depend on how well the second half of this first season performs.

Overall. I can’t wait for this show to return. To find out what Amalia’s actual mission really is.

The Nevers (S1 - Ep6) True
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