In Review: The Nevers (S1 – Ep5) Hanged

The city buzzes with anticipation over a pending execution. Penance grapples with a moral calling at odds with Amalia’s plan.

Synopsis: In ‘Hanged’. The city buzzes with anticipation over a pending execution. Penance grapples with a moral calling at odds with Amalia’s plan. With the two women at a crossroads, the Orphans must decide whom to follow.


The Story

Maladie is to be publically hanged. Lord Massen is looking to use the spectacle as a means of turning the public against the touched. Meanwhile, Amalia is making plans to try and find the Galanthi. Which is the blue orb thing that is buried underground. Apparently, it has some sort of connection to the Touched. Pennance makes plans to try and rescue Maladie from her fate, but this causes a split in the orphanage in which half the people go with Amalia, and the rest side with Pennance.

Meanwhile, Mundi suspects that something ain’t right with a certain journalist who is a little keen to get access to Maladie.


The Acting

Amy Manson pulls off one hell of a performance as Maladie in this episode and has us all fooled right up until the twist at the end of the episode.

Ann Skelly is absolutely great this week as Penance goes head to head with Amalia and argues her case for wanting to rescue Maladie. The argument between the two women is brilliantly acted by both Skelly and Laura Donnelly.

Also giving a great performance this week was Pip Torrens as Lord Massen who has successfully gotten an act through parliament, which insists that the Touched must register themselves with the Police. Indeed, his hatred of Touched leads him to employ The Beggar King among other things.



After a few weeks of world-building and setting the pieces into play. This week’s episode tips the world upside down and gives it a good old shake. Firstly, we have the hanging of Maladie and its implications. Then we have Amalia and Penance’s difference of opinion. And lastly, we have that twist ending, which was beautifully executed.

What is very apparent. Is that Amalia and her Touched are going to have their hands full with whatever else Lord Massen throws at them. One thing is certain. Things can only really escalate after the events of this episode.

The Nevers (S1 - Ep5) Hanged
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