In Review: The Nevers (S1 – Ep2) Ignition

Penance creates an amplifier to spread Mary's song across the city - but first, Mary must find her elusive voice.

Synopsis: In Ignition. Penance creates an amplifier to spread Mary’s song across the city – but first, Mary must find her elusive voice. As danger mounts against her group, Amalia propositions an unlikely ally and sets out to expand the Orphanage’s reach.


The Story

Picking up the story from last week. Hugo Swan continues his endeavors to recruit touched for his enterprise. Meanwhile, Amalia and Penance try and recruit Bonfire Annie to their cause, but with little success. Back at the orphanage, Mary Brighton struggles to find the song that seems to calm and give comfort to other touched people. Amalia and Penance are hoping that Mary can do so because it could help them save more touched.

While out and about in London. Pennance finds a poster advertising Amalia’s orphanage, but it has the wrong address on it. When Amalia visits the address she finds that it is looked after by a woman and is protected by one of the men that tried to take Myrtle in the first episode. As she investigates further she finds a book full of touched that have passed through and ultimately been experimented on or killed by Dr. Hague. Amalia immediately takes this information to Mrs. Bidlow.


The Acting

Laura Donnelly continues to lead this cast and does a brilliant job. I loved the moment at the start of the episode when Amalia and Pennance get stoned out of their minds on Opium, which Bonfire Annie had lit up. Also, good was the scene immediately proceeding that when Amalia tries to parlay with Bonfire Annie. Rochelle Neil has an awesome presence and looks proper intimidating as Annie.

Martyn Ford gets a fantastically epic scene with Laura Donnelly’s Amalia True. Not only are the visuals of his character walking on water impressive. It’s also some impressive stunt work from both performers.



Another solid episode, which slowly reveals a little more plot. Although we still do not know why Mrs. Bidlow appears to be playing the benefactor for Amalia’s work while she is simultaneously funding Dr. Hague’s experiments. Nor do we know what the event was that created the Touched. Though I do suspect Mrs. Bidlow’s work with Dr. Hague could be key. Overall ‘Ignition’ ignites some interesting potential plot threads that we hope to get further into next week.

The Nevers (S1 - Ep2) Ignition
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