In Review: The Mysterious Benedict Society (S1 – EP8) Big Day Today

The Mysterious Benedict Society prepares for a final showdown.
Big Day Today

Synopsis: In Big Day Today, with free will on the line, The Mysterious Benedict Society prepares for a final showdown.


The Story

Picking up from last week. Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance put together a plan to sabotage Dr. Curtains Whisperer. Meanwhile, Mr. Benedict, Number Two, and Rhonda have crash-landed on the island and are making their way to the Whisperer Room.

Of course as with most plans. Things go kaput when Kate is captured by Dr. Curtain’s soldiers and brought in for questioning. However, Milligan who is still at large on the island is starting to get his memory back and he learns that Kate is his daughter. Learning that Kate is in peril. Milligan does what every good father would and attempts to save her.

Eventually, the gang manages to scupper Dr. Curtain’s plans. But like all great villains. Dr. Curtain manages to escape to fight another day.


The Acting

All the child actors in this show have been fantastic throughout. Mystic Inscho has been consistent in his role as Reynie who is very much the leader. While Seth Carr has given his character of Sticky a real sense of journey. Especially when you look at where that character started from. Emmy DeOliveira has given us a lot of fun with Kate’s impetuousness. While Marta Kessler has been wonderfully deadpan throughout as Constance.

This season finale sees every character get some spotlight. Kate has some nice moments with her friend Martina Crowe (Saara Chaudry). The moment where Kate confesses to Dr. Curtain and clears Martina is nicely acted. As were the scenes between Kate and her father Milligan (Ryan Hurst).

But the real standout performance comes at the eleventh hour from Marta Kessler in which Constance pits her superior psychic mind against the Whisperer. Also, I was so on the same page as Constance when it came to wanting to tip acid on Dr. Curtain’s shoes to hobble him.



Big Day Today was a satisfying conclusion to what has been hopefully a fun first season of Mysterious Benedict Society. As it is left open for the possibility of further seasons.

The Mysterious Benedict Society (S1 - EP8) Big Day Today
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