In Review: The Mysterious Benedict Society (S1 – EP6) Run Silent, Run Deep

Benedict and Curtain's indelibly intertwined pasts are revealed.
Run Deep

Synopsis: In ‘Run Silent, Run Deep’ Benedict and Curtain’s indelibly intertwined pasts are revealed. Sticky gets a rare opportunity.


The Story

Picking things up from where last week left off. After his visit from Reynie’s middle school teacher Ms. Perumal. A guilt-ridden Mr. Benedict has sent Milligan to retrieve the kids from Curtain’s school. When Number Two and Ms. Kazembe try to figure out why Mr. Benedict has had a sudden change of heart. We learn through flashbacks about the circumstances in which Benedict and Curtain were separated.

Meanwhile, at the school. Sticky has succumbed to the effects of Dr. Curtain’s Whisperer and because he has such a strong connection to it. Dr. Curtain is calling on Sticky more and more. Elsewhere, after having picked up on a subliminal command Constance has gone on a little journey to pick up a blue beret.

Reynie and Kate continue on their mission to try and find a way to destroy the Whisperer so no more messages can get out. Kate uses tetherball teammate Martina Crowe as a means of copying a key. While Reynie uses his friendship with S.Q. to locate where the Whisperer’s ariel is.


The Acting

This week saw a series of solid acting performances. Gia Sandhu continued her fantastic portrayal of Reynie’s concerned teacher Ms. Perumal who seemingly isn’t affected by The Emergency. Indeed, she certainly left an impression on Mr. Benedict (Tony Hale) and we see the after-effects of that play out. 

Hale also ups the ante as Dr. Curtain who becomes more and more manipulative as the episode develops. The scenes he shares with Seth Carr’s Sticky Washington are rather chilling. Especially given that Sticky is so enthralled by Curtain and his Whisperer.



This episode builds nicely on the foundations of all the previous episodes. It’s interesting to see the kids beginning to lose some of their cohesiveness as a team. Especially given that Reynie and Kate disagree on how they should proceed with their plan. Indeed, I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops. Emotions run deep with this group.

We also get some fun moments with Milligan as he faces a number of emergencies as he tries to navigate his submarine toward the island.

Overall. A fun episode that unravels a few fun plot developments.

The Mysterious Benedict Society (S1 - EP6) Run Silent, Run Deep
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