In Review: The Musketeers – The Good Traitor

When a Spanish general Tariq Alaman, offers to hand over the formula of a deadly and unique gunpowder in exchange for help rescuing his daughter, the musketeers find themselves tangled...

Synopsis: When a Spanish general Tariq Alaman, offers to hand over the formula of a deadly and unique gunpowder in exchange for help rescuing his daughter, the musketeers find themselves tangled…

Review: This episode is full of growth for various characters, but also manages to have its fair share of action adventure as well.

You kind of find yourselves feeling a little bad for the musketeers in this because due to the politics of the court and the fact that Tariq’s only real concern is the safety of his daughter. They are really in a no win scenario insofar as providing their King and France with the cypher, which is also promised by Tariq.

We see some great growth for Porthos in this episode as he is held captive by the Spanish with Tariqs daughter.

Tariq is played wonderfully in this episode by Colin Salmon who fans will know for his various roles in ‘Arrow’ and the 90s James Bond movies. Salmon also adopts a fairly good Spanish accent for this and does a wonderful job of maintaining the accent throughout the episode.

The episode also has a pretty fun B-Plot in which the King and Queens baby son is taken ill and being treated by the courts physician. Thankfully Constance is more familiar with Babies than the courts assigned Doctor is and she risks her own execution to save the young prince by taking him to the laundry and exposing him to steam in order to help him breath.

Milady also gets some great moments in the episode as she sneaks into the court via means of murder and seduces the king. As to her motivations. Those are as yet still to be revealed, but she has already gotten Rochefort suspicious of her intentions.

Talking of Rochefort. We get treated to a wonderfully fun scene at the star of the episode in which Rochefort has hired a prostitute to indulge him in some role play of his fantasy of being the Queens lover. I have to tip my hat to the actress that played this role for being able to keep a straight face throughout this scene.

By the close of the episode the Musketeers wind up being reprimanded by the King for not being able to obtain the Cypher or the gunpowder recipe, but the silver lining is the fact that the Spanish don’t get it either.

A lot was crammed into this episode and it will probably take a repeat viewing in order to have all the pieces in place to figure out everyone’s motivations. But there is definitely a much bigger picture developing here. Only question I have though is how long will Constance last. If you are familiar with the novels and the films. You will know that Constance eventually gets murdered by Milady.

The only criticism I have is that perhaps the episode could have used an extra 5 or 10 minutes to allow some of the plot threads to breath a little.

The Musketeers - The Good Traitor
  • Great acting from Colin Salmon
  • Could maybe have used a little more time to breath.
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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    17 January 2015 at 9:02 pm -

    It was a great episode. In addition to Constance, I have to wonder how long they can milk Aramis brooding over the baby. Something will have to give there.

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