In Review: The Magic Order #5

The Moonstone family team up against Albany and her assassin, The Venetian.

Synopsis: The Moonstone family team up against Albany and her assassin, The Venetian. Can Gabriel overcome the death of his child and save humanity from the forces of darkness? A war is waged between the last members of The Magic Order and the powers of evil that want them destroyed.

Review: The penultimate issue of Mark Millar’s ‘The Magic Order’ delivers some fantastic twist and turns that you’ll not see coming.

The Story

Gabriel rejoins the Moonstone’s in their fight against Albany and it looks like things are finally going to work out. While Gabriel’s wife is with their Uncle. Cordelia and Gabriel set about going after Albany, but first, they need to get some information off of one of her underlings in order to get to her.

The Artwork

Olivier Coipel gets to have himself a bit of a party in this issue as he is tasked with drawing several venues as Gabriel uses two of Classic Literatures best books as a means to an end by stranding someone in the pages of Robinson Crusoe and then having them placed in The Island Of Doctor Moreau. To say that his pages are a visual treat would be an understatement. There is a lot to see in this issue and the transitions between settings can be a tad unsettling, but I guess that is by design.


This penultimate issue of Mark Millar’s story involving magic and family delivers an amazing twist that will throw readers for a loop. There’s some really good stuff here and the use of two of my favorite books from classic literature is just a bonus.

I loved the build-up to the final few pages, which managed to provide tension but didn’t really give anything away as to what the eventual cliffhanger would be. This was an absolutely brilliant issue and I only hope the final issue can be as good as this when it drops next month.

The Magic Order #5
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