In Review: The Magic Order #4

Cordelia and Regan bargain with Madame Albany to preserve what’s left of The Magic Order

Synopsis: Cordelia and Regan bargain with Madame Albany to preserve what’s left of The Magic Order, while she sets out to slaughter their brother Gabriel. Meanwhile THE HOROLOGIUM, a monster let loose from the fourth dimension, is shredding time and destroying human lives.

Review: It’s my favorite time of the month. It’s time for the latest issue of ‘The Magic Order’ from comics scribe Mark Miller. And this latest issue has a little of everything.

The Story

Reeling from the murder of their father at the hands of Albany’s evil shapeshifting assassin. The remaining members of the Moonstone family come together in order to formulate their next move. This allows for some nice character beats between Regan and Cordelia in which the latter frets over the fact that her mental health issues caused their father to exclude her from The Order business.

The issue gets off to a fantastic start with a flashback sequence to the war years, which was back when Albany was still a member of the Magic Order and helped fight off the Nazi threat.

We also see the event, which involves a horrogoblin that brings Gabriel back into the order, which sets things up wonderfully for next months penultimate issue.

The Artwork

I absolutely loved the artwork in this issue. Oliver Coipel delivers some spectacular work for this issue, which starts off with the fantastic period dress of the various characters in England of the 1940’s. I also loved the artwork, which visually showed off Gabriel’s battle, which led to him rejoining his brother and sister.


This was a fantastic issue, which brought a fair few of the loose hanging story threads together and set the stage for what I am sure will be a satisfying climax. I look forward to seeing how the Moonstones handle the threat posed by Albany and her pet shapeshifter, but I also look forward to finding out just how powerful a Wizard Gabriel is.

You can get hold of your own copy of ‘The Magic Order #4’ on Wednesday 3 October, which happens to be tomorrow.

The Magic Order #4
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