In Review: The Magic Order 2 #3

Five hundred years ago, a group of wizards got together and drove all the bad things back into the darkness.

Synopsis: This month’s Magic Order reveals why hardly anyone has ever seen a ghost. Five hundred years ago, a group of wizards got together and drove all the bad things back into the darkness. Now, for the first time, see what happened when that first Moonstone gathered his friends to take down the warlocks and make the world safe for humanity. This is the origin of the Order, and it is not to be missed.


The Story

Picking up the story from the last issue. Victor Korne has gathered his people together and is telling them the story of how his ancestor Soren Korne and all the monsters were defeated by the Moonstone family and their Magic Order. Victor thinks he has figured out how his ancestor was defeated and has a plan for some serious payback.

Meanwhile in the Glasgow. Cordelia and The Order are waiting for Victor to make his move.


The Artwork

Stuart Immonen does some fantastic work on this issue. I really loved the old-world vibe he managed to conjure up where we see Victor Korne’s ancestor get attacked by the Magic Order. I also loved the various different monsters that we see in the issue. But what I really loved was the attention to detail. Specifically, the old world map that Victor shows to his gang. It was truly a thing of beauty and is something I’d love to have hanging on my wall.

And if all that wasn’t enough. We get some great sequences at the end of the book when we see Cordelia and her people having to defend Glasgows people from a magical attack.



A fantastic issue that really builds on the story. Victor Korne is proving to be a truly menacing villain and so much more of a threat to anything that we saw The Magic Order have to go up against in the first volume.

I loved the effort that went into revealing the backstory and I am really looking forward to seeing how these sequences turn out when this eventually gets made into a Netflix series or movie.


The Magic Order 2 #3
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