In Review: The Magic Order 2 #1 (of 6)

Celebrate Halloween with the return of your favorite horror series, sequel to the smash-hit first volume by MARK MILLAR and OLIVIER COIPEL.
Magic Order

Synopsis: A magical turf war like you’ve never seen before! The London chapter of the Magic Order has entered the scene, and these tough Guy Ritchie-style gangsters have a problem with the Eastern European Warlocks moving into their territory. Can new leader Cordelia Moonstone keep the peace?


The Story

When Victor Korne an Eastern European Warlock hatches a plan to take over London from The Magic Order. Alarm bells begin to ring as Korne’s family, which once ruled the world before the Magic Order took over sets events in motion.

Meanwhile, in America Cordelia Moonstone and her two brothers are celebrating their niece’s Birthday party. However, the party gets interrupted by the arrival of Kevin Mitchell. The head of the London chapter of the order. He has serious news.


The Artwork

Stuart Immonen doesn’t waste time in establishing the visual world. From the get-go, we are treated to some impressive visuals as we see Victor Korne get Brigitta to demonstrate her magic to his young son. The demonstration sees her make two police officers kill somebody and then she has them blow each other’s brains out.

After this, the action moves to America where we see Regan Moonstone take down a demonic entity that has been terrorizing a young boy. There is one panel where we see the demon getting impaled by a giant pair of scissers. It’s an impressive visual, to say the least.

We also get some great visuals when we get given a bit of a tour of the Moonstone’s home. Where we see one of Cordelia’s conquests get a little lost.



Mark Millar gets this second volume of The Magic Order off to a rip-roaring start as we see Victor Korne and his clan introduced in style. If the final few panels of this book are anything to go by. Then I’d say we are in for quite the ride as we see two magical families go toe to toe.

Be warned though. This book is strictly for the more mature readers. Not for the kiddies.

You can get hold of the first issue of this book on Wednesday 27 March.


You can check out our thoughts on the first volume of issues here.

The Magic Order 2 #1 (of 6)
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