New alliances are forged...

Synopsis: In Alloyed, New alliances are forged and secrets are revealed as a great power is unleashed.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. The Stranger has wandered off on his journey for answers, but having just been attacked by the four witches. Nori, Poppy, Sardoc and Marigold go after him. However, the witches get to him first and tell him that he is Sauron. By the time Nori finds the Stranger, the witches have already put quite the spell on him and have tried to bind his power. While dodging all manner of attacks Nori manages to get to the stranger and tells him that he has free will to choose who he is. This talking to is enough for the Stranger to muster his powers and remember that he is of the Istari and he is good. At this point, he banishes the witches back to where there came from.

Back in Eregion Elrond and Lord Celebrimbor are preparing to share some grim news with the high king, but they are given hope with the arrival of Galadriel and Halbrand. After Halbrand has his injuries treated he meets with Celebrimbor and discusses how they can stretch out the mithril by blending it with other metals to make it stronger, which is something that would help save Eregion. When Celebrimber brings this suggestion to The High King it is rejected. However, Elrond uses his influence to buy them time to create the ring. Having heard something that prompts her intuition Galadriel begins to suspect that Halbrand is not who he claims to be. A confrontation takes place when Galadriel realizes that there is no longer a King of the Southlands because the old king had no heirs. Halbrand gets called out and reveals himself to be Sauron.

Later Elrond finds Galadriel drowning in the river and brings her up. She then tells her old friend that he needs to trust her and that they need to create three rings from the mithril, which must be blended with the purest gold. At this point, Sauron has left and no longer holds any influence. Which allows the Elves to create their three rings. 

Meanwhile in Numinur things are starting to fall apart.

Back in the Grove Nori says goodbye to her family and friends and begins her travels with the Stranger, who we know to be an Istari, but we still do not know his name. But we do know that it cannot be Gandalf because he does not appear until later in the middle earth timeline.


The Acting



We get some great performances this week. Daniel Weyman is fantastic as the stranger and his battle with the witches is absolutely awesome and somewhat of an awaking for the character as he is speaking proper sentences once he knows what he is. His performance is helped by how nasty the witches are, which is due to the performances of the four actors who play them. It is also helped by Markella Kavenagh’s portrayal of the almost childlike faith and goodness that Nori has and how that lifts the stranger from thinking he is the evil fiend that the witches are painting him to be. It is a brilliantly acted scene.

We also get great performances from Morfydd Clark and Charlie Vickers as Galadriel and Halbrand. The scenes building up to the reveal that Halbrand is in fact Sauron are brilliantly done and full of tension. But the confrontation between Galadriel and Halbrand is executed brilliantly. The scenes afterward when Galadriel, Celebrimbor, and Elrond have made the rings of power also have some shock value as we see Galadriel and Elrond share a look with each other in response to the fact that Elrond has figured out what happened to her and know who Sauron is. 





For me, Alloyed was a pretty good season one finale. I enjoyed being faked out by the plot with the stranger only to find out that Galadriel had been traveling with Sauron all along and did not know it. I also enjoyed the Harfoot’s goodbye to Nori, as I wound up with a fly in my eye at the point where Nori and Poppy hug in the full knowledge that they may never see each other again.

But it was the big reveal of Sauron that really made this episode the event that it was. I loved the final sequence where we see the Rings and then it cuts to Sauron making his way to Mordor where he’ll take command of the Orks and Adar.

Overall, I’m one of those who have really enjoyed this series and will most likely re-watch the Hobbit Trilogy followed by the LOTR films at some stage in the near future.


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