In Review: The Lonesome Hunters #4

Lupe takes off with the ancient sword to rescue Howard from the Magpie Queen

Synopsis: This month in The Lonesome Hunters,  Lupe takes off with the ancient sword to rescue Howard from the Magpie Queen and evil minions to put an end to this madness once and for all.


The Story

Having gone to try and strike a deal with the Magpie Queen in the last issue. Howard has found himself in a spot of trouble and is most likely going to die unless he gets help. Meanwhile, in the car. Lupe asks the captured magpie if it thinks Howard will be okay. The Magpie’s answer doesn’t fill lupe with confidence. So she grabs hold of the sword and stages a rescue. Having gotten Howard back safely. The pair decide that they should return the sword to its real owners, but there seems to be a bit of confusion as to who owned the sword before Howard’s church took it.


The Artwork

Tyler Crook continues to mesmerize us with his fantastically eery artwork. I loved the sequence of panels where Lupe was asking the captured Magpie about Howard’s chances of striking a deal with its Queen. This was a nice build-up for the chaos to come as we see Lupe take on a group of human beings that had been taken over by Magpies in much the same way as her Uncle was.

The panels after the big rescue are also great. As we see all the emotions wash over Lupe’s face as she expresses her helplessness and the amount of loss she has had with losing her parents and Uncle. There is a nice sequence of three panels where we see the pain on Lupe’s face as well as the relief that she can take control.



The Lonesome Hunters is fast becoming one of my favorite comic book events of the year, which is quite funny because I’m not usually drawn to horror stories. However, the art style and this book’s story is really something quite special.

The Lonesome Hunters #4
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