In Review: The Lonesome Hunters #2

After fleeing their tenement during a monster magpie attack, Lupe finds herself a pupil to an aged monster hunter...

Synopsis: This month in The Lonesome Hunters. After fleeing their tenement during a monster magpie attack, Lupe finds herself a pupil to an aged monster hunter and on the run from ancient evils determined to take them down and retrieve the relic they protect.


The Story

Picking things up from where last month left off. Lupe’s uncle has been possessed by a Magpie that is looking to take back a watch that he stole from them. Howard and Lupe try to save him, but by the time they are able to intervene the magpie has pretty much taken her uncle’s life. However, the fact that Howard used the magic sword while trying to protect Lupe means that every monster will know he has it within a fortnight as the Magpies will spread the word far and wide.

Fleeing their tenement. Howard and Lupe head to Howard’s friend Tina. The only catch is. He hasn’t spoken to Tina in over 15 years. Thankfully, Tina allows Howard and Lupe to stay the night, which gives them a bit of a break from running from the magpies.

Meanwhile, one of the Magpies reports back to their Queen that they have found the magic sword. As Howard explains at the start of the book. This sword means trouble.


The Artwork

Tyler Crook brings us some more stunning and eery artwork for this second issue. I loved the panel in which Howard and Lupe manage to defeat the Magpie that has possessed Lupes Uncle. The image of the Magpie hitting the ground is rather bloody. However, the best is definitely saved for last when we see the reveal of the Magpie Queen.



This second issue of The Lonesome Hunters builds nicely on what was started in the first issue. We begin to see a bond form between Howard and Lupe. I really liked the introduction of Tina into the story and I am intrigued to learn just how much she knows about Howard and his past. Especially, given that she seemed to know about the Sword and Howard’s past misadventures with it.

Overall. I can’t wait to read more.

The Lonesome Hunters #2
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