In Review: The Lone Ranger Vol. 3 (2018-) #2

Tonto and the Lone Ranger go to Austin to foil a plan to cover the Texas panhandle in barbed wire.

Synopsis: Tonto and the Lone Ranger go to Austin to foil a plan to cover the Texas panhandle in barbed wire. They are discovered and have to fight their way out of the city. Tonto devises a new strategy based on trick plays he learned from playing football at the Carlisle Indian School and Silver knocks a man unconscious with a wooden post.

Review: This issue of ‘The Lone Ranger’ kicks things into another gear with a fun bit of strategy and a little bit of a history lesson.

The Story

The Lone Ranger hatches a plan to get hold of the property deeds in hopes of using the legal system to stop the ranchers, but things do not go according to plan, which means that Tonto has to help his old friend come up with an alternative.

We get some backstory in regards to Tonto in this issue and also a brief historic touchstone with regards to the underground railroad, which abolitionists used to smuggle escaped slaves to freedom.

The Artwork

The art, which is done by Bob Q is really well done and feels very true to the vibe and feel of the old west. There’s a great single page spread on page 9.

I loved the art depicting Tonto’s time in school as a member of the football team.  I also enjoyed the big surprise that the Lone Ranger had hiding in the well for the thugs, which the ranchers sent after him.


This is another fun issue, which mixes a little history with the politics and social mores of the period. Mark Russell’s writing treads very carefully with some rather difficult subject matter. He manages to portray the casual racism of the period really well and Tonto’s brief quip about hiding in plain sight among other natives illustrates the ignorance of the period without it coming off as too preachy.

The Lone Ranger Vol. 3 (2018-) #2
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