In Review: The Librarians – ‘The Crown Of King Arthur’ And ‘The Sword In The Stone’

Flynn Baird and their new recruits must foil the Serpent Brotherhoods plan to return magic to the modern world.

Synopsis: Flynn, Baird and their new recruits must foil the Serpent Brotherhoods plan to return magic to the modern world.

Review: If your looking for dark and gritty serious drama then ‘Librarians’ is not what you are looking for.

What we have in ‘The Librarians’ is a credible and pulpy continuation of the irreverently fun ‘Librarian’ movies, which starred Noah Wyle as Flynn Carsen ‘The Librarian’ who is charged with tracking down and retrieving magical artifacts thus preventing them from getting into the wrong hands.

Things have become a bit to much for Flynn and as a result the Library – a living and breathing archive of magical items has taken it upon itself to assign him a Guardian. In steps Eve Baird  (Rebecca Romijn) who is initially somewhat skeptical – but when a string of murders of former Librarian candidates start to happen Flynn and Eve must work together to not only save the next victims from the Serpent Brotherhood, but also find King Arthur’s Crown.

First on the to do list is to find maths genius Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth), Art Historian Jake Stone (Christian Kane) and master thief Ezekiel Jones (Jon Kim).

Once the group is brought together the fun begins.

First off if you have any concerns about Christian Kane being the heavy in this. Thing again. Sure he can handle himself in this, but he is no where near the martial arts expert that he was in ‘Leverage’. If anything he is more of a brawler and just adequate in a fight when compared to the trained soldier we see in Rebecca Romjin’s Eve Baird. Its quite a fun contrast to see and hats off to Kane for being able to pull it off.

This opening two episodes really essentially makes up the one story, which does the difficult job of introducing us to the characters, but manages to pull that task off. I enjoyed the twist of Cassandra working with the Serpent Brotherhood because they had promised to heal her brain tumor – but also enjoyed that she was able to redeem herself by the close of the story.

The villains in this story are played wonderfully by Lesley-Ann Brandt and Matt Frewer. Hopefully we see both of these characters return in future episodes.

Some of the CGI work in this story. Specifically when they are in the underground cellar of Buckingham palace seemed a bit off, but to be honest I was having so much fun by that point that I didn’t really care.

Out of the new characters I would say that have warmed most to Cassandra, Eve and Jake. Ezekiel is probably the one character out of the group that will have to grow on me.

Was nice to see Bob Newhart return in limited fashion as Judson and Jane Curtin’s Charlene.

The introduction of John Larroquette as the new custodian of the Library – although a much smaller library was class and his character of Jenkins could well prove to be as much fun as Judson was, but in a more fun way.

Written and produced by John Rogers this opening couple of episodes is a fairly good start for the series.

As said in my opening sentence. This is not a show for those who are looking for gritty action adventure. It is more of a show that the whole family can sit back and enjoy. The emphasis is very much on pulp adventure and fun.

The Librarians - The Crown Of King Arthur And The Sword In The Stone
  • Fun Characters and Great Action
  • CGI is a little shaky in parts.
  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI
  • Incidental Music

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  • mentdijinn
    10 December 2014 at 7:52 pm -

    Loved the premiere of The Librarians with Christian Kane.. So looking forward to more! great fun for the whole family! Everyone can enjoy this show! even the kids!

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