In Review: The Librarians Season 4, Episodes 5 & 6

This week The The Librarians have to deal with a Librarian and a former Guardian

The Librarians And the  Bleeding Crown

Synopsis: A Librarian from the past teams up with the Librarians of the present to take down an ancient and powerful enemy let loose in the modern day.

Review: This fun episode introduces the team to Darrington Dare a Librarian from the 19th century who Flynn absolutely idolizes. The two are brought together when the Librarians investigate a town where all the people have aged prematurely overnight. Turns out that it is a scheme that has been devised by Dare’s arch enemy.

The reason for Darrington Dare and his enemy to be in the 21st century is a little flimsy, but I get the feeling that this episode is to serve a somewhat bigger purpose given that Darrington Dare warns Flynn about the fact that there should not be more than one Librarian running the library. He even goes so far as to chastise Jenkins for not warning Flynn.

With an old long believed dead Guardian turning up in the first episode of the season and the fact that Eve and Flynn are to undergo a ceremony, which will tether them to the Library and make them immortal. We have to wonder what the future will be for the other Librarians in terms of how things will work as things move forward.

Darrington’s warnings were not to be sneezed at.

Overall. A fun episode with some great moments. I loved the scene involving the clones of Eve, Jake, Ezekiel, and Cassandra. The FX make up, which aged them up by a few decades was really well done and the acting performances were fun to watch.

The Librarians And the Graves of Time

Synopsis: When Baird goes after Nicole Noone in an attempt to repair her rift with the Library, she ends up joining Nicole in a mission to retrieve a dangerous artifact before it falls into the hands of Russian grave robbers.

Review: This episode sees Eve go it alone in order to search out Nicole and persuade her to rejoin the team at the Library. Upon finding her Eve learns about what Nicole has been up to throughout her many lives as an immortal and sees a very different side to Nicole than Jenkins saw.

We learn that though she has been going it alone. Nicole’s motivation has always been to protect the Librarian and the Library and has taken extreme measures to do so.

This was a fantastic episode with some twists and turns. The bitchiness between Nicole and Eve was funny, but funnier still was them comparing each others fighting styles and such. In short, it was fun to watch Nicole and Eve form a bond.

Of course with Eve gone. Jenkins and Flynn go in search of her and eventually reconnect. Jenkins still does not trust Nicole and is all for taking her back and locking her away again. While Flynn is still very torn between his feelings for the Library, Eve and Nicole.

Things get really interesting when Rasputin is brought into play toward the end of the episode, which pretty much shows Jenkins the error of his ways when it comes to his mistrust of Flynn’s first guardian.

The acting throughout this story was really strong. Rebecca Romijn’s scenes with Rachel Nichols were really well played and it was fun to see John Larroquette get a little more to do as Jenkins this week. Even though it meant that Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Jake had less to do.

Overall. A great episode with a shocking twist concerning Jenkins and Flynn toward the end. What will it mean for the future of the Library?

The Librarians Season 4, Episodes 5 & 6
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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    28 December 2017 at 6:42 pm -

    Jenkins will end up undergoing the tethering ceremony in the end and becoming immortal again. Any other outcome just doesn’t make long-term sense thematically unless John L. is leaving the show, which I hope not.

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