In Review: The Librarians Season 4, Episodes 3 & 4

The Librarians take on the patron saint of thieves & Indulge in some movie magic in episodes 3 & 4

The Librarians And The Christmas Thief

Synopsis: When the magic door is stolen from the Library Ezekiel, Stone and Cassandra must loan Santa’s Sleigh in order to put things right.

Review: This episode not only gives us a lot more backstory for Ezekiel Jones, but we also get to meet his mother who winds up being the springboard for the story. In a nutshell, Ezekiel takes a trip to his mum’s place to celebrate Thanks Taking Day, which is the opposite of Christmas in which greed and thievery are celebrated as a tribute to the Patron Saint of thieves. When Ezekiel ends up showing him mother the Library in order to show her his role in the world. She sneakily steals the magic door and the world map and uses it to steal Christmas presents. But when she steals a painting. All hell breaks loose and Ezekiel, Stone, and Cassandra are forced to use Santa’s Sleigh in order to find Ezekiel’s mother and put everything back as it was.

This was a brilliantly festive episode with some great performances from Steven Weber as Santa’s not so nice brother. 

Ezekiel’s mother was also a fun character and a great short-term addition to the team. Hopefully, we get to see more of Ezekiel’s family in future episodes.

Kudos must go to John Harlan Kim who really got to peel back some new layers of his character for this episode. It was fun seeing how different Ezekiel is when compared to his mother and his sisters.

Also, fun was seeing Stone fly the Sleigh and Cassandra’s reaction to his flying skills.

The Librarians And The Silver Screen

Synopsis: When Flynn and Baird are sucked into Baird’s favorite classic Film Noir movie, the Librarians are drawn into the world of movie magic.

Review: This episode sees Eve get to truly live out one of her oldest fantasy’s, which is to be part of a Hollywood B-Movie from the silver age of movies. When Eve and Flynn literally get sucked into her favorite Black and White Noir movie. Stone, Cassandra, Ezekiel and Jenkins must find a way to get them back to the land of the living.

To that end. We get to have loads of fun as Cassandra, Stone, and Ezekiel hop through various genres of B-Movies in order to find and locate the film that Baird and Flynn are trapped in. Meanwhile, Jenkins does a fair amount of research working alongside a relative of the film’s writer in order to find the magical artifact that has caused this all to happen.

This episode allows for Baird and Flynn’s ongoing romance to flourish. The acting is hilariously accurate for the time period that these movies are set it and you can tell that all concerned are having a ball.

Christian Kane gets to be a Cowboy again as he winds up in a Western while Lindy Booth and John Harlan Kim wind up in a vintage science fiction movie. 

But this episode truly belongs to Rebecca Romijn and Noah Wyle as the film Noir detectives trying to find their way back to the real world or the library at the very least. 

Overall. These two have to be my favorite episodes of the fourth season thus far.

The Librarians Episodes 3 & 4
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