In Review: The Librarians And What Lies Beneath The Stones

Strange events happen at an ancient Native American burial ground.

Synopsis: Strange events happen at an ancient Native American burial ground.

Review: The team is send to a mining operation in order to investigate strange happenings. When they get there we learn that the foreman in charge of the operation is Jake Stones father, which proves troublesome for Jake, but a source of short lived entertainment for Cassandra and Ezekiel who think its better than most reality TV shows.

While investigating Jake is hard pushed to hide the truth about his genius IQ from his estranged father who has pretty much run his business into the ground.

Amid the uneasy relationship between Stone and his father is a Native American Shape Shifting spirit, which is feeding off the lies of conflict and assuming the identity of the Librarians and people within the mining crew in order to cast aspersions and create conflict so it can feed.

This was fantastic episode for character development. Much of which involved Jake Stone played to perfection by Christian Kane and Jeff Fahey also puts in a fantastic performance as Jake’s father Isaac.

John Harlan Kim and Lindy Booth provide much of the comedy relief in this episode, but by the close of the story Booth’s character of Cassandra changes to a more emotive tack as she tells a series of personal truths about herself in order to keep the door open so that Jake can trap the Shape Shifter.

FX wise the episode has minimum CGI, but the changelings smile upon assuming somebodies identity was somewhat disturbing and had a touch of the Dr. Phlox about it.

Rebecca Romijn and John Larroquette had very little to do in this episode and were pretty much confined to the library.

The Librarians And What Lies Beneath The Stones
  • Great character moments for Jake Stone
  • Not enough Rebecca Romkin
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Incidental Music
  • CGI

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One Comment
  • mentdijinn
    17 November 2015 at 10:11 pm -

    This is my favorite episodes so far! Even the one that comes after this one can’t beat this one in my book as I am #ProudToBeAKaniac.. Christian Kane and Jeff Fahey were spot on in their father and son roles! Hoping to see more of Jeff Fahey in the future on The Librarians.. Thanks!

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