In Review: The Librarians And The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

After seeing a vision of her own death at the hands of a supernatural assassin, Baird tries to cheat fate and stop the deadly prophecy from coming true.

Synopsis: After seeing a vision of her own death at the hands of a supernatural assassin, Baird tries to cheat fate and stop the deadly prophecy from coming true.

Review: In this episode it is Eve Baird that takes centre stage with some brilliant supporting performances from Christian Kane and John Harlan Kim as Stone and Ezekiel. 

When eve places a blue prophecy cube to her for head and asks the question she is whisked off on an adventure, which sees her and the team having to play a game of cat and mouse with the grim reaper.

The prophecy cubes are the cubes of the great seer of delphi who derived her powers of prophecy from the water of Delphi, which has somehow wound up in a school swimming pool.

Soon after starting their investigation at this school Eve, Stone and Ezekiel find themselves a school principal, a champion swimmer and a mysterious cleaner transported to a bizarre maze like place, which is riddled with traps and prophecy.

The twist at the end concerning the cleaner was pretty much a telegraphed throughout most of the episode, but the performance by Elizabeth Huffman is really well done and very engaging before, during and after her reveal that she is Delphi. 

The Prophecy concerning Baird dying at the hands of the reaper in the Library was at first a little concerning given that we do know that one of the principal cast members is to die this year. But it is now strangely reassuring that she hasn’t died and apparently has quite a big future. Which has me wondering if Executive Producer John Rogers is playing games with us to keep us guessing.

Rebecca Romijn as always is fantastic as Baird and game for all the physical stuff and the unselfish support she gets from Kane and Kim is a tribute to the chemistry between this cast. 

As an episode. It is one of those that you have to watch closely for fear of missing a beat. Especially when it came to the flash back and flash forward sequences, which dictated the first half of the episode.

That said it this was another fun and engaging adventure that all the family could enjoy. Which is why ‘The Librarians’ is on my must watch list of shows every year. It’s a welcome break from some of the darker and grittier stuff that we see in science fiction and fantasy television.

The Librarians And The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
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  • mentdijinn
    13 December 2016 at 2:03 pm -

    Was a fun episode!! and yeah you had to pay close attention LOL…. Heads up tho John Rogers is not longer with The Librarians.. Dean Devlin head man on the show now. Christian Kane’s expressions are always priceless. He is coming along
    well in developing his more “comedic” side of his acting.

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