In Review: The Librarians And the Hidden Sanctuary

Safe is not always good as Cassandra finds out in this weeks thrilling episode of Librarians.

Synopsis: When Cassandra freezes during a mission, she decides it is time to take a break. Looking for the perfect town, she winds up in Havenport, the “Safest Town in America”. At first glance, it seems just what the doctor ordered, but are things just a little too perfect?

Review: Lindy Booth gets pretty much an entire episode to play with and does a fantastic job as ever. Cassandra has always been the most fearful of the Librarians, but this episode sees her come to terms with why she was first chosen by the library.

In Havenport Cassandra believes she has found a safe place and quickly makes friends with Karla (Sherri Saum) who is also a relatively new addition to the town, and Cassandra’s landlady. When Karla’s young son Freddie begins to lend books from the town’s Library. He makes it his mission to try and convince Cassandra that everything about the town is a little too good to be true. Eventually, Cassandra begins to see his point and the two fast friends begin to investigate and find out the truth.

Young actor Benjamin Flores Jr. puts in a superb performance as Freddie and the chemistry between him and Lindy Booth is pure magic. I loved the fact that young Freddie had a tough time convincing Cassandra that there was a problem with the town and the choice of books that he was borrowing pretty much matched up with the syrupy yet sinister secret of the town. 

The use of a Fairie and a snowglobe in the story was a really great storytelling device and the conclusion to the episode was as much about Cassandra being true to herself than it was about her reconnecting with the courage to be a Librarian.

We get some very nice understated scenes from John Larroquette as Jenkins who is still coming to terms with the crap that us mere mortals have to put up with as part of the aging process.  The episode is bookended with a couple of great scenes with Jenkins and Cassandra. 

Overall. A strong episode for Cassandra in a story that allowed the character to grow. Also a great performance from Benjamin Flores Jr. as Freddie, which is a character that I hope we get to see again at some point. As Cassandra suggested. The Library may well be calling on young Freddie at some point. I really hope it does.

The Librarians And the Hidden Sanctuary
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