In Review: The Librarians And The Eternal Question

A rash of people spontaneously combusting leads the Librarians to a holistic spa run by Vampires, who have discovered the secret to walking in the sun.

Synopsis: A rash of people spontaneously combusting leads the Librarians to a holistic spa run by Vampires, who have discovered the secret to walking in the sun.

Review: This episode is somewhat of a more thoughtful and quiet affair when compared with prior week’s, but rightfully so.

The story deals with the question of mortality verses immortality and the various stages one will likely go through as they thing they are going to die. Not to mention that it has Vampires in it and the temptation of immortality.

The mystery starts off when a man spontaneously combusts while playing a golf tournament.

All clues lead the Librarians to a health spa, which is run by vampires who have figured out that they can walk in the daylight, but only if they remain in the same area. However we later learn that some of them are trying to figure out why this is by means of trying to figure out the geology of the the spa and using it to turn certain members of the clientele to experiment and see how long they last when released to their regular lives.

This episode pretty much belongs to Lindy Booth and John Larroquette in so far as the acting kudos go. Booth plays the fear and eventual acceptance of dying amazingly well and Larroquette gets some dream material to play with that any senior actor would kill for. In a nutshell Jenkins gets to remind us that he is in fact the Arthurian Knight Sir Galahad and as such shows his true sense of nobility and honour when gently deflecting Cassandra’s somewhat desperate, but honest affection for him. 

What also works really well is Cassandra’s fear that she will lose her abilities and station as a Librarian should she undergo major brain surgery to her her Tumor removed. I also loved her friendship with vampire Estrella which felt honest and totally natural.

Much of the fun factor in this episode was provided by Ezekiel Jones and Jake Stone whose preconceptions of Vampires gets very much in the way of them being able to take a step back and think rationally. It is only Cassandra who is seemingly able to keep them at bay, but by the same token it is their natural mistrust, which leads to them uncovering the plot by the evil vampires who would give anything to walk in daylight for eternity an harvest humans like cattle.

The ending is great for Cassandra because she gets to come through a really difficult time, which will hopefully eliminate her from being the cast member that is likely to be taken out of the show come the close of the season.

This for me has to be the best episode of the season.

The Librarians And The Eternal Question
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