In Review: The Librarians And The Curse Of Cindy

The obnoxious Cindy Kroger has suddenly become super-popular thanks to a magical love potion.

Synopsis: The obnoxious Cindy Kroger has suddenly become super-popular thanks to a magical love potion. The Librarians must stop her before she launches a love missile that would force the whole world to become her fan base.

Review: This episode more than any we have seen thus far in the season has a pretty strong moral attached to it and it does a pretty good job of examining what happens when love teeters into the realm of obsession.

The Librarians find themselves having to go to Cindy’s place, which is filled with hordes of obsessive fans, but not a sign of Cindy herself.  Pretty much right off the bat Jake and Flynn are taken out of the equation as they fall victim to the potency of Cindy’s love potion, which is wore as a perfume.

The one person not effected is Ezekiel who is far to self interested to fall in love with anyone. Which is what we are led to believe, but later find it to be not the case.

This is a showcase for John Harlan Kim to give us a little more of the sensitive side to Ezekiel who is often the most self serving of the characters. Kim plays his part of persuading Cindy that people will accept her for who she is without the potion beautifully. Its actually the most powerful moment of the entire episode and something that am sure most viewers can relate to.

In a nutshell the episode is about Cindy learning to give herself a break by accepting her true self and embracing it, which is something that everyone struggles with in life.

By the close of the story when our heroes come through and defuse the situation. We learn that it was all a scheme from Apep who has possessed the witch Agnes.

I thought the inclusion of DOSA was fun and it ties in perfectly at the close of the episode when we learn of where Apep is hiding his sarcophagus.

This was a nicely balanced episode of comedy and light drama.

We saw some pretty solid guest performances from Rachael Perrell Fosket as Cindy and Jayne Taini as Agnus. 

The Librarians And The Curse Of Cindy
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