In Review: The Librarians And Some Dude Named Jeff

When Jenkins body-switches with a 28-year-old slacker named Jeff, he must find his way back into the Library to correct the mistake.

Synopsis: When Jenkins body-switches with a 28-year-old slacker named Jeff, he must find his way back into the Library to correct the mistake. But he will need a team to do it and enlists the help of Jeff’s hapless Dungeons & Dragons friends. Can they make it in time, before Jeff destroys the Library?

Review: Lindy Booth gets to direct for the first time with this funny and playful episode, which is carried for the most part by John Larroquette.

The story is basically a switching bodies type thing which is achieved thanks to a spell from an ancient book of spells, which Jeff has brought off of E-Bay. As the story unfolds we learn that this Jeff was obsessed with the Librarians and had a particularly strong liking for Jenkins in particular.

Jenkins is stuff in Jeff’s body and kind of gets to learn how average everyday people live in a world where there isn’t magic or artifacts to track down. The fun does not really start though until Jenkins interacts with Jeff’s Dungeons and Dragons obsessed friends who all work at an electronics store.

Jeff who is the body of Jenkins is running rampant through the Library and isn’t particularly keeping a low profile. Cassandra is the first to get suspicious, which makes sense given that she has the closest working relationship with Jenkins out of all of the Librarians.

The book that Jeff used for the switching bodies spell has also unleashed the demon king Asmodeus who was trapped in the book by none other than Merlin. Jenkins aided by Jeff’s friends must get back into the Library in order to stop the demon and reverse the spell.

In order to get back into the Library Jenkins and his new group of friends must solve a series of logic puzzles in order to get in through the back door.

Overall. This was a fun episode and a great one for John Larroquette to show off his talent for comedic acting. Lindy Booth’s direction worked well as we are taken from beat to beat with hardly a dull moment. The actors playing Jeff’s friends were all fun and engaging and are the sort of people you’d expect to meet at any number of comic book conventions. I loved the moment in which Jenkins had to dance his way into the library and the swordplay at the close of the episode was fun to watch. 

So a fun episode, which moved the other librarians to the background somewhat, which I didn’t mind in particular because it’s always fun to see John Larroquette given more to do. I do wonder what will likely happen though with the tethering ceremony and who will be tethered to the Library when that all happens.

The Librarians And Some Dude Named Jeff
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