In Review: The Librarians And a Town Called Feud

The Librarians take on a mystery concerning some ghosts from the American Civil War.

Synopsis: When a Civil War re-enactment in a town called Feud is plagued by ghosts, the Librarians have to uncover the truth of what really happened there over 100 years ago.

Review: Baird, Stone, and Ezekiel are sent to a town called feud in order to investigate a couple of ghost sightings in a small American town called Feud. While in town they investigate the museum, which houses an exhibit telling the story of feuding brothers who fought on opposing sides. At the museum, the team pose as journalists from various outlets and ask the museum’s curator and owner a few questions about the exhibit. It soon becomes apparent that she is hiding a dark secret.

Back at the Library Cassandra and Jenkins undertake an investigation of their own and seek out information about why Darrington Dare was so insistent that there can only be ever one librarian. The answer that they find turns out to mirror what has been happening between Jones and Stone as the two have been constantly bickering about who is best placed to run the library.

The parallels between the Civil war in which it was brother against brother runs nicely with the bickering librarians and the resolution to the mystery that the librarians have been sent to investigate has a very satisfying end to it as we learn that the two feuding brothers did reconcile their relationship.

Jenkins and Cassandra’s investigation reveals some interesting answers, but I hope that it doesn’t wind up splitting up the team. We do know that the tethering ceremony has to take place. We think Jenkins will likely undergo the ceremony in order to regain his immortality. This would make sense given that he is a unifying force within the Library.

The only question is. Will Flynn return to the library before the tethering takes place or will he continue to keep his distance?

Overall. This was a solid episode which entertained. With just a few episodes left to go before the season wraps. I’ll look forward to learning the answers to some of the ongoing questions. We haven’t really had a solid villain this year. So hopefully that will be remedied by the close of the season.

The Librarians And a Town Called Feud
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  • David Hoose
    18 January 2018 at 5:15 pm -

    I thought this episode was subpar. It was boring and sappy. And the part about the soldiers missing because the brothers couldn’t shoot each other? It was a reenactment so all the guns were filled with blanks, right? I love this show and I expect better.

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