In Review: The Greatest Adventure #9

Dynamite will be hard pushed to top this one!

Synopsis: With the threat of a doomsday weapon looming before them, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ greatest heroes rage into battle to protect the innocent. Who will survive? Can they defeat evil in time? Find out in the epic conclusion of The Greatest Adventure!

Review: Picking up from where the last issue left off. We find the good guys have been captured and being used by Rokov to build a deadly weapon, but will our heroes find a way out of this and turn the tables once more. Of course, they will, but the question is. How?

This ninth and final issue of Bill Willingham’s epic story concludes with a few clever twists, which involve a returning character who we only mourned for a couple of issues back. And what makes it so much more fun. Is the fact that he’s been hiding in plain sight for quite awhile.

Jason Gridley who is now leading the men builds the weapon that Rokov orders him to build, but makes a few modifications to the design.

This issue finally shows us how ruthless the villains are as they order the death of all the women. Thankfully as we learn at the end of the issues. The good guys have an ace up their sleeves in the form of a magic user from Venus who has a gift for illusion.

Like with every issue of this comic. The artwork is fantastic. I loved how the weapon of mass destruction was drawn. It looked very pulp and like something you’d probably see in one of the old Flash Gordon movie serials of the 1940’s.

Overall. This is a fantastic conclusion to what has been an exciting and fun 9 issue run with some of the most beloved characters from the worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Although it has been difficult to keep track of all the characters at times. It’s been fun nonetheless. This series has given us Dinosaurs, Mars and so much more. Dynamite will be hard pushed to top this one!

The Greatest Adventure #9
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