In Review: The Greatest Adventure #8

The Resolve has been captured by Tarzan’s team, but at a terrible cost in lives.

Synopsis: The Resolve has been captured by Tarzan’s team, but at a terrible cost in lives. Now, something strange is going on as our heroes attempt to pilot the taken ship—and end up on Venus, rather than their intended destination – because the devious mastermind who craves the power of the ultimate death-ray still has a trick or two left up his sleeve!

Review: Bill Willingham’s epic adventure continues, but with Tarzan dead! It is time for the new crew of The Resolve under its new leader to pick up the pieces and continue the mission.

Jason Gridley and Dejah Thoris work together in order to figure out where The Resolve originally came from in order to chart a course. While Jane insists that the crew get some rest.

Getting rest will likely prove costly for them because it would seem that there is another villain at large that can use people better when they are sleeping.

This issue is setting things out for what will likely be an epic final couple of issues. The crew is without Tarzan, which is a really testing time for Jane and her son. But, as a reader like many. I’m wondering when we’ll likely see Tarzan again. If indeed we haven’t already.

The addition of a new villain is well done and it will be interesting to see more of him as his plans unfold over the next issue.

Overall. This was an enjoyable issue and one where we get to see a bit more of the bad guys while the good guys are in what you could only call a somewhat vulnerable state. I liked the quick intro of the new villain and it was cool to see Dejah Thoris get to work with Jason Gridley. We leave things once more on somewhat of a cliffhanger, which is setting things up for the heroes to make a comeback.

Cezar Razek’s art shines once again, but I can’t help but think that he was not as challenged by this issue as he has been with past issues. There wasn’t a great deal of action to draw or any big dinosaurs or set pieces.

The Greatest Adventure #8
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