In Review: The Greatest Adventure #7

The crew of the villainous Resolve continues on their quest for the rare gemstone known as the Eye of Judgment

Synopsis: The crew of the villainous Resolve continues on their quest for the rare gemstone known as the Eye of Judgment –the final component that will allow them to build a war machine of terrible power – but there’s still hope yet, as the two greatest heroes of Earth and Mars—Tarzan and John Carter—have joined forces!

Review: The penultimate issue of Greatest Adventure is both action-packed and dramatic. Their ship out of commission. Tarzan, John Carter, Jason Gridley and the team set about boarding the Resolve and taking the ship by force.

To this end, Tarzan sets things up so that one group takes the engine room while another takes control of the Bridge. For his part in proceedings. Tarzan sets about creating a distraction by hunting down the enemy soldiers in order to keep the heat of the two teams as much as he is able.

Bill Willingham dispenses with expositional stuff and goes into full-tilt action mode as he has Tarzan giving orders and the villains plotting and scheming. I loved the moment where Tarzan hatches the plan to take the resolve and the panel where they are boarding the ship is worthy of a movie in and of itself. The fights are thick and fast.

Cezar Razek gets plenty to do with his line work on this issue and some of the big action set pieces that he draws here are awesome and have a very cinematic feel to them. Not a single line or cross hatch is wasted. Razek also does great stuff with one of the books quieter moments where Tarzan is pretty much bested by an expert marksman. The knowing expressions on Tarzan’s face as he is pretty much at someone else’s mercy is drawn beautifully.

Overall. An exciting issue, which has a shock ending that will have you wondering if the news of a certain death is for real or just another plot twist?

The Greatest Adventure #7
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