In Review: The Greatest Adventure #6

Tarzan and John Carter attempts an escape from the Green Martians.

Synopsis: Two legends meet at last! Tarzan has been captured by a tribe of Green Martians – and now he must team up with John Carter of Mars in order to escape their clutches! But will they be in time to stop the villainous crew of the Resolve?

Review: The adventure continues as Tarzan and the Legendary John Carter of Mars execute their escape from the Green Martians. Meanwhile, Jason Gridley and Jane have an audience with Deja Thoris the Princess of Mars and John Carter’s wife.

This sixth issue of Bill Willingham’s ongoing story goes by at a rapid clip with plenty of action and banter. The back and forth dialogue between Tarzan and John Carter is brilliant fun and exactly how you’d imagine it to be. Cezar Razek

Cezar Razek’s artwork in this issue is fabulous. I really enjoyed his take on the martian arena where Tarzan and Carter are supposed to fight. The action of the escape is both visceral and gore filled. I especially liked the drawing of the Green Martians leader being impaled.

It has to be said that the story has really started to flow better with things being mainly focused on Tarzan and John Carter. Hopefully, thing continues in this way because the earlier issues in which we were juggling multiple characters could get a little confusing at times.

The drawing of Deja Thoris was beautiful and makes me want to visit Edgar Rice Burroughs version of Mars. Just to meet her. If I manage to overcome the green Martians.

With John Carter and Tarzan now established as team players. I hate to think of how much trouble they will cause the crew of the Resolve. They do have quite a few people to rescue and with the army of Deja Thoris on their side. It is most likely going to be epic.


The Greatest Adventure #6
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