In Review: The Greatest Adventure #5

Tarzan hatches a plan to rescue a certain resident of Mars.

Synopsis: Two legends meet at last! Tarzan has been captured by a tribe of Green Martians – and now he must team up with John Carter of Mars in order to escape their clutches! But will they be in time to stop the villainous crew of the Resolve?

Review:  Picking things up from the last issue. Tarzan and the crew have arrived on Mars, but Jane is upset because the Lord Of The Ape’s is keeping something from her.

Meanwhile. The Black Martians have captured a part of Tarzan’s party and are close behind them.

Much like in the last issue. There is a lot of dialogue between the various characters as they slowly come to the realization that Tarzan suspects that there maybe a traitor in the mists.

The issue culminates with Tarzan getting himself captured by the Green Martians and meeting the famous John Carter.

Bill Wilmingham brings a little humor to this issue as we get to see Tarzan trying to communicate with the various tribes of Mars in a form of broken Martian. Thankfully he also translates things for us. But it makes for a fun moment where we finally get to meet John Carter of Mars.

The art by Cezar Razek turns over a new page in this issue as he gets to draw the landscapes and creatures of Mars.

Razek’s take on the vistas and life on Mars is breathtaking and really breathe a little extra life into a story, which has been getting a bit bogged down with the expositional stuff of late.

Not to take anything away from Wilmingham. Some of his ideas and characterizations are fantastic, but the pacing is beginning to suffer a little because there seem to be too many characters for him to juggle with.

Hopefully, he’ll be able to work around this in the next issue by focusing mostly on Tarzan and John Carter working together.

Overall. This was a pretty decent issue despite some of its pitfalls and the meeting between Tarzan and John Carter was the icing on the cake.

The Greatest Adventure #5
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