In Review: The Greatest Adventure #2

Tarzan, John Carter, and the rest of the crew of the Venture set sail in hot pursuit of the rare gemstone known as the Eye of Judgment

Synopsis: Tarzan, John Carter, and the rest of the crew of the Venture set sail in hot pursuit of the rare gemstone known as the Eye of Judgment – locked in a deadly race to the end with the alien battleship Resolve! They must retrieve the gem before their opponents do – or else must contend with a death ray of nightmarish proportions – one that is able to reach out across entire galaxies and snuff out life!

Review: This second issue of Bill Willingham’s story ups the action and does so in a style that will have fans of old pulp adventures smiling from ear to ear.

The writer is obviously versed in the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs because he manages to utilise some of the more fun aspects of the Tarzan stories that have never made it onto movie screens or television shows.

We have a great sequence toward the end of the comic in which Tarzan takes down a dinosaur with his bow and arrow. My guess is Tarzan’s arrows must be pretty strong as well as sharp to be able to penetrate dinosaur’s.

We also have a lovely homage to the gadgetry of Mars in which Jane and Tarzan with a few of the other characters get to try out a flying device from Barroom, the fictional name that Burroughs came up with for his John Carter of mars series.

Thus far Tarzan and his team have yet to come into contact with the villains, but that looks like it will change in the next issue.

Cezar Raskek continues with his pulpy style art work, which has a classic newspaper feel to it, but updated enough to keep modern comic fans happy. It feels like the artist has upped his game a little for this issue. His dinosaurs were awesome. I love the slightly muted colour palette, which gives it an old school comic strip feel.

Over all this second issue was an improvement over the opening issue, which got bogged down a bit in the task of introducing all the characters and setting the story up.

I now anxiously look forward to the next issue.

The Greatest Adventure #2
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