In Review: The Good Asian #9 (of 10)

Mysteries are unspooled and answers are finally revealed…until our detectives make one more shocking discovery.

Synopsis: In this penultimate issue of The Good Asian. Mysteries are unspooled and answers are finally revealed…until our detectives make one more shocking discovery.


The Story

Having just gotten away from Hui Long aka Silas Woodward. Edison learns that Woodward had done quite a bit of forward planning to facilitate his getaway. So in order to continue his investigation. Hark made use of the plastic surgeon that Woodward had hired to give him a new face. Also making use of the fop house that he planned to use in order to lay low. Additionally, Edison also got Lucy Fan to help him unravel the rest of the mystery as they made a plan to fully incriminate Victoria Carraway for her part in the disappearance of Ivy Chen.


The Artwork

The art team of  Alexandre Tefenkgi and  Lee Loughridge do a great job on this issue. I particularly enjoyed seeing the sequence of events that happened after Edison’s run-in with Silas. But the best panel for me in this book was the sequence in which we see the meeting between Victoria Carraway and Terrence. However, the best is saved for last when Edison reveals his new face at the end of the issue.



The Good Asian continues to entertain and intrigue and provide some fun plots twists. I really enjoyed this issue. Particularly the flashback sequences to Edison’s childhood as well as the ongoing dialogue between Edison and Lucy Fan.

The artwork continues to help push Pornsak Pichetshote’s story brilliantly. It really feels like an old-style detective noir movie. So much so that you can actually smell the stale whisky and cigarette smoke.

Overall. A brilliant book, which is sure will give us plenty more twists and turns in next month’s grand finale. Thank you Pornsak Pichetshote for writing this story.

The Good Asian #9 (of 10)
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