In Review: The Good Asian #4 (of 10)

Hark suffers a devastating blow as Chinatown’s Hui Long killer hits closer to home
Good Asian

Synopsis: This month in The Good Asian. Hark suffers a devastating blow as Chinatown’s Hui Long killer hits closer to home, leading Hark to begin peeling back the layers of his family’s chilling secrets.


The Story

Picking up from where last month left off. After a bit of recreational fun, which very nearly ends in blackmail. Edison hits the streets with Frankie Carroway. Edison believes that Frankie knows more about Ivy’s disappearance than he is letting on. And when Frankie tries to have a brotherly chat with Edison. He lets the truth slip. The trail eventually them both to the Jade Castle where they find a dead Donnie Yan.


The Artwork

Lee Loughridge and Alexandre Tefenkgi present some cracking art in this issue. As always they have the period fashions and cars absolutely bang on. But there are a few stand-out pages to talk about. The first of which is toward the middle of the book when Edison and Frankie find some incriminating photographs of Terence Cheng. On this page, we see one of the photos turned into a jigsaw piece, which is a nice visual way of telling us that Edison is puzzling it out.

Another great visual is the discovery of Donnie Yan in the middle of the dance floor of the Jade Castle. I loved the green color wash that the artists used for this and the darker ink to represent the blood.



Pornsak Pichetshote’s detective story continues to entertain and keep you guessing. A highlight of this issue is Frankies eventual confession to Edison in the car, which is moments before tragedy strikes. I also continue to appreciate the historical notes on the final pages that put it all into context and adds to the story.

Overall. The Good Asian continues to provide a gritty story about the Asian experience in one of America’s toughest eras for Chinese Americans. I’d love to see this book adapted into an HBO series or even a movie.

The Good Asian #4
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