In Review: The Good Asian #3

The surprises really begin as Hark encounters Lucy Fong’s completely different perspective on Chinatown
Good Asian

Synopsis: This month in ‘The Good Asian’. The surprises really begin as Hark encounters Lucy Fan’s completely different perspective on Chinatown—one pivotal to stopping the hatchetman on the loose.


The Story

This month’s issue gives us things from the perspective of Lucy Fan who works on the telephone exchange. Lucy meets up with Hark and gives him a completely different perspective on Chinatown. She also happens to know a lot of local business owners, which proves useful for Hark’s investigation. When they visit the local dressmaker Hark has to tell his own story in order to win her over. As understandably, the locals of Chinatown in 1936 are suspicious of any cop. Even a Chinese American Detective. Of course, Hark isn’t going to turn down help from a local. It’s certainly something he can exploit in his attempts to help. But the cost of helping proves a bitter pill when Lucy finds out Hark’s been stringing her along.


The Artwork

The art team of Lee Loughridge and Alexandre Tefenkgi hit it out of the park. I really liked the series of panels at the start of the comic where we get the brief history lesson of how the Chinese Community faked papers after the great Earthquake. I also really enjoyed the panels set in the phone exchange, which did a great job of capturing the frenetic pacing of Lucy’s job as well as the pace of the general conversation going around. Much like in previous issues. This art team does a brilliant job of capturing the time period and giving us that Film Noir vibe.



Pornsak Pichetshote continues to enthrall with a brilliant mystery while simultaneously giving us some great characters. Seeing Lucy’s idealized perspective of her home was quite refreshing and I loved how we got to see her perspective because it made the reveal at the end so much more devastating. Edison Hark continues to be a complex and nuanced character that has his foot in two worlds and doesn’t fully belong to either one of them. And all because he wants to help. The irony being is that Hark’s way of helping seems to be rather expensive to him on a personal level as he is forced to snitch on his neighbors in order to keep his foot in the door of the establishment.

Overall. Another great issue with some wonderful and insightful historical notes at the end. I’ll definitely be buying myself a hard copy of the trade if this gets released as a collection.

The Good Asian #3
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