In Review: The Gifted – unMoored

Thunderbird seeks help to go after the inner circle.

Synopsis: Thunderbird hopes a mutant lawyer who recruited him to the Underground can help find the Inner Circle; Andy and Lauren have a shared dream; Reed must keep a secret from the group.

Review: This second episode builds a little on events seen last week, but also provides some backstory for John, which plays into the present day dilemma.

The Story

Picking up from last week this episode sees Andy struggling with the shared dream he had with his sister last week and the repercussions of this begin to affect his position within the Inner Circle due to Reeva getting suspicious and getting ready to kill him.

Elsewhere John, who still feels a degree of guilt for the losses of mutant life in Atlanta goes to the mutant rights lawyer that recruited him to lead the Atlanta cell. Initially, she is about as helpful as a flea with jock itch, but then gives him the name of an underground contact who sees and hears everything.

Jace, who is no longer with Sentinel Services begins to have second thoughts about giving up on his obsession with mutants, and the damage done by Lorna’s baby during delivery gets him suspicious.

Meanwhile back at the resistance hideout, Reed continues to hide his struggles with latent mutant powers from the others.

The Acting

It was good to see Coby Bell return to the series as Jace and hopefully, he’ll ignore his wife and get back on the trail of those pesky mutants in the weeks to come. Because not many can do obsessive like Coby Bell can.

Also putting in a solid performance this week was Percy Hynes White as Andy, who is very much struggling to keep it together in light of his separation from the Strucker family and his sister in particular. The scenes he shares with both Lorna and then Reeva are full of angst and tension. Especially the scene with Reeva due in part to the fact that he only tells the truth moments before she is preparing to end his life. Phew.


It’s a mixed back this week. Due to it not being as effects-heavy as last week. But some of the highlights include Andy using his abilities to smash through walls. Reeds latent abilities showing through and the Lawyer revealing her mutant lizard side to John during their initial meeting.


A serviceable episode, which builds a little on what we saw last week, but doesn’t to an awful lot to move the plot forward beyond a lot of angsty character moments.

The Gifted - unMoored
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