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The Inner Circle prepares for a secret ambush, but Polaris is reluctant to join and Reeva tasks Esme with getting Polaris on board.

Synopsis: The Inner Circle prepares for a secret ambush, but Polaris is reluctant to join and Reeva tasks Esme with getting Polaris on board. Esme confides in Polaris, revealing her and her sisters’ troublesome past.

Review: This episode is a vast improvement over last week, and gives us some real insight into who the Frost sisters really are.

The Story

There’s a lot going on in this weeks episode, which gives us loads of insight into The Frost sisters via a few flashbacks as well as what Esme confides in Polaris. In a nutshell, Polaris is not happy with all the training for the operation and is threatening to walk unless she is brought into the loop more. To address this Esme is tasked with bringing Polaris back into line, but it seems she is also trying to turn over a new leaf.

Back at the Mutant Underground HQ, Thunderbird has been trying to train Reed so that he can get used to using his powers instead of trying to suppress them. Reed is later needed to help the key resistance members escape a trap, which has been set by Jace and The Purifiers.

Elsewhere Kate and Lauren seek out a psychiatrist in order to learn more about the mutant Rebecca and are horrified to learn that she can turn people and objects inside out.

The Acting

Natalie Alyn Lind gets the gong this week for a brilliant scene in which she confronts the Psychiatrist who worked at the asylum where the Underground rescued a bunch of Mutants from.

Also, kudos go to Skyler Samuels who as Esme Frost has some really sensitive scenes in which she confides in Polaris. In past episodes, Esme has been in control and manipulating events with her two sisters. This week we get to see a very vulnerable and human side to her.


This week was a solid episode, which didn’t suffer from the pacing issues of last week.

I enjoyed learning a little more about the backstory concerning the Frost sisters and seeing Esme drop her guard and show us a more human side.

I also enjoyed watching Jace continue his journey with The Purifiers and have to wonder where it will lead him given that he is not entirely at ease with them.

The Gifted - iMprint
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