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With the nation divided more than ever, Evangeline proposes a country-wide meeting to revive the Mutant Underground.

Synopsis: With the nation divided more than ever, Evangeline proposes a country-wide meeting to revive the Mutant Underground.

Review: Things get interesting this week as the various cells of the Mutant Underground attempt to meet.

The Story

There’s a lot that happens this week, but the main focus is a country-wide meeting between the various cells of the Mutant Underground, which includes the leader of the Morlocks. Which leads to us learning a bit of history about their leader Erg who used to be a part of the Underground until a falling out with Evangeline.

Insofar as the Strucker family. Andy and Lauren are still talking with each other via dreams, but Lauren who has been reading up on her family history has gotten stronger and actually manages to hit Andy and deals a heavy physical blow, which shocks him awake and attracts the attention of the Frost sisters who are more than happy to offer their assistance in order to try and bring Lauren into the Inner Circle.

Elsewhere Lorna who is beginning to have second thoughts about her role in The Inner Circle learns that the new members of the group have been assigned to launch an attack on the Mutant Underground meeting.

The Acting

This week proves to be another great week for Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes White as the pair put in a very mature performance as the Strucker siblings.

I also think Jamie Chung puts in a strong performance as she recounts Blinks difficult childhood in an attempt to persuade John into not taking on a fight that she feels he cannot win.


This was a pretty good episode with a lot of moving parts.

It will be interesting to see what will happen when the Frost sisters use their gifts to try and help Andy talk his sister into joining them.

Also fascinating is the fact that Reed is in danger of losing control of his powers again thanks to the music box and Lauren’s interest in Andreas Von Strucker and the letter he left.

The Gifted - hoMe
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