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Tensions within the Inner Circle are at an all-time high, as Andy comes to Rebecca's defense against Reeva.

Synopsis: Tensions within the Inner Circle are at an all-time high, as Andy comes to Rebecca’s defense against Reeva. After making an important discovery about Dr. Risman’s research, Lauren convinces Reed and Caitlin that they must take action and destroy it.

Review: Things get crazy in this weeks episode as many of the plot threads that have been building for weeks begin to unfold.

The Story

The Inner Circle executes their most audacious plan to date. But things are not as straightforward for the Resistance. Meanwhile, Jace has formed a Citizens militia with the mutant hate group that he has joined.

Having captured Rebecca in last weeks show. The Inner Circle is holding her captive in a cubicle, which has no windows or light and is constantly in motion. Apparently, this is the only way they can neutralize her powers. Of course, Andy is very much against this, which it seems Reeva is counting on. The Circles bigger plan this week involves breaking into a tech company, which holds the government contracts to control all the Mutant Collars that the prisons use in order to inhibit mutant abilities. The plan being to disabled every single collar by destroying the facility.

Elsewhere the remains of the Mutant Resistance, which is being led by Thunderbird are doing all they can to stop The Inner Circle from pulling off their plan. This involves a reluctant Blink and Thunderbird kidnapping someone from the tech company in order to find out what The Inner Circle is after. The trouble is Thunderbirds direct approach is getting too much attention from law enforcement and sentinel services as well as Jace’s new Militia.

Meanwhile, back at Doctor Risman’s lab. Lauren, Reed, and Caitlin have figured out that Reisman’s plan is to use her research in order to kill off the mutant gene. Effectively wiping out an entire race of people. Lauren uses her feminine wiles to some degree in order to get access to the research so she can later destroy it.

The Acting

There are some brilliant performances this week. But the one that stands out came from Percy Hynes White who really sold us on the angst, heartbreak and utter despair at losing Rebecca, but also his conflicted feelings with regard to his place at The Inner Circle.

Props should also go to Coby Bell who as Jace Turner has turned a corner into full-on revenge mode. The smug reaction to capturing Thunderbird at the close of the episode said it all.


This was a wonderful episode, which really unraveled many of the plot points that the show has been building to and I am really looking forward to seeing the fallout to everything that has happened in this week’s show.

Now that all the imprisoned Mutants now have their powers back. Just how many will the Inner Circle be able to take in. Which ones will join up with Eclipse and Blink and how many will go it alone.

The wheels are well and truly off and it would seem all hell is going to break loose as the Mutant revolution begins.

The Gifted - gaMe changer
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