In Review: The Flash – What’s Past is Prologue

In the 100th episode, Barry and Team Flash come up with a plan to stop Cicada.

Synopsis: In the 100th episode, Barry and Team Flash come up with a plan to stop Cicada. However, the plan calls for Barry and Nora to travel back in time to gather some key necessities. However, Barry hesitates, concerned about his daughter seeing certain parts of his life.

Review: The Flash reaches episode 100 and allows Caitlin an opportunity to shine as she becomes a key player in the fight against Cicada.

The Story

When Team Flash find an opportunity to go after Cicada they need to figure out a way to make it count by separating him from his shard of Dark Matter. To that end, Nora hatches a plan that needs her and The Flash to use the speedforce in order to time travel back to various points in Barry’s life to retrieve some vital components of dark matter infected items to use against Cicada.

The Acting

The stand out performance this week comes from Tom Cavanagh who plays several different versions of Wells including the reverse flash version. Added to that he also directed the episode.

Credit also has to go to Danielle Panabaker who gets a wonderful moment as Killer Frost, which proves to be a massive plot development when it comes to the fight with Cicada. And she also gets a killer line to boot.


This was a fantastic episode, which not only moved the season arc on a bit but also revealed that Cicada is but only one problem that Team Flash has to deal with.

It was also a wonderful way to celebrate the 100th episode given that all the time travel elements doubled as plot development as well as a celebration of the show’s mythology. When Barry and Nora go back to the initial dark matter explosion, which gave Barry his powers we saw The Thinker and his wife and various other characters at the ceremony as Barry and Nora passed through. We also saw a scene involving Wells and Cisco in which the Reverse Flash version of Harrison Wells strongly hints that he knows that Cisco will become Vibe.

The final showdown between Team Flash and Cicada is pretty awesome in that the tension is ratcheted up to 10 before Killer Frost pops up and literally saves the day.

But the plot twist at the very end involving Nora delivering a message to the future is rather surprising even though it was hinted during the midway point of the episode, but also hinted at thanks to Sherloque Well’s suspicion triggered from having read Nora’s journal.

Overall. While a few questions are kind of answered in this episode. It leaves us with several more questions. Particularly when it comes to Nora West Allen. I look forward to seeing how this all pans out in the weeks and months ahead.

The Flash - What's Past is Prologue
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